More Storage + More Content for Dummies

I use two(2) devices. One should be a ROKU and the other Android. Uninstall all verified or subscription apps or disable those apps, freeing up tons of storage on your Android. Roku can’t be sideload but has all the popular subscription and verified legal apps. I use my $30 Roku Express 4k+ for Netflix, Prime, Tubi, etc. plus I pick up the Roku Channel and lots of content not on Android. Using two (2) devices is easy.
(4) Most TVs have multiple HDMI ports, use them. Use TV remote to change HDMI ports
(3) Switch your HDMI cable from one box to the other
(2) Use an HDMI splitter (approx $5)
(1) Buy a Roku TV and put your favorite Android device in an open HDMI port

If you’re in to Cord Cutting and don’t know about Roku, you’re missing out. Roku is easier to use, better search features, has additional content, has better antennae and is not expensive.
I’m lazy and don’t care how it works or how to modify the software. I just want to push the button and watch my content.
So sideload your Stremio, Kodi, Smart Tube and IPTV type apps on your Android and use Roku for subscriptions and verified apps.
You will have storage for it all.


That is a good idea to be honest. For me that wouldn’t work due to one word…Wife :rofl::rofl:

Thats why I like my roku tv with my nvidea shield loaded on it, best of both worlds :+1:


@Streaming429 My wife easily works the ROKU Express 4k+ and can’t seem to get the hang of Android. The number One reason people buy Roku is that it’s Easy To Use. Check it out.

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We used it after I got away from cable. As I learned more and more from the great people here @TROYPOINT I bought some firesticks, learned more and picked up a TivoStream 4K. Learned more, found a great service and it turned into a hobby. I keep picking up new boxes here and there. Once I bought our Shield Pro, my Wife actually started to enjoy using it. She’s the type that wants it on and working when she powers it up. She’s not the type like myself that changes boxes halfway through the day. She’s set in her ways, likes what I’ve done and I’m going to leave it at that for her. Lol Had a little hard time convincing her that we should try a service. Once she saw it and realized how much money it saved she decided to embrace it. She’s a Netflix, Disney+, Hulu user as well as I am not so I have to make sure our living room and bedroom boxes are Netflix certified. My Z10 Pro Max is in living room tv with the KM2 and I use the Formuler when nobody is home or when she goes to bed to watch. That’s where our Shield Pro is

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And actually if our 3 yr old Grandson goes up into our room to lay down, he knows the Shield Pro and the remote. He watches “Chase” (Paw Patrol) through our service and likes to watch Wednesday on Netflix

WOW !! You did a lot better with $30 than I ever could.

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