More sources while streaming on firestick

Just passing on some helpful tips while watching movies or tv shows on Cinema. This may work on other apps, but so far we only tried it on Cinema. Plus you may have discovered this already: While streaming on the 4K firestick (also I am using Real-Debrid) we wanting to watch a movie on Cinema and waited for the sources to pop up. Not as many as we thought, so we arrowed back one time to the movie we wanted to watch and then launch it again. Low and behold a lot more sources came in. We never noticed this before but seems to work every time so far, which has been over a week of doing this. Guess if you know this already then disregard, but we just found this out.
Hope it helps someone out

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Thanks for the tip ! I will give that a try as Cinema is my go to app for movies and Tv shows :+1:

I hope it works for you. It has been for us but we are also using Real-Debrid along with Cinema. Like I said it’s been working for a week, this is with the 4K FIRESTICK, don’t know if it’ll work with any other generation.

That’s been happening for some time now, been doing what you are for awhile now.