More free legal tv

Not all that much at the moment but growing. It’s free and legal with some interesting stuff. No harm in browsing through the offerings. Even has a free app.

Sadly it is not in my market

Sorry what do you mean Market?

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Markey is the geographic area theat the cover, for instance you live in Huntington Beach CA, your TV Market is Los Angeles.
I live in Reunion CO, my local market is Denver.
They do not carry Denver.
I tried using my VPN and listing San Diego CA Market (I used to live there). Their website knew I was not there and would not let me view anything.

Ohh sorry I misunderstood what you were saying. Yes I mentioned they are new but adding new markets every week.

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I understand what you are saying. I had a similar issue, but, if I remember correctly, before I opened the app and registered. I think I turned on my vpn and pointed it to a locale I would use. I also turned off any location detection settings in any device I was going to install the app on. I didn’t keep the app, because I was just checking it out and really had no intentions on using it. I live in Florida and they didn’t have a market in Florida, but I did have the app up and running for using Atlanta.

It’s a good app, but as Miki said, it is rather shy on content at the moment.

Here’s an alternative called Local Now. I checked and believe one of their markets is Denver.

Local Now: News, Movies & TV - Apps on Google Play

Free News, Shows, Movies and Channels | Local Now

Localnow is also in the Free2View m3u playlist. Omg so many. I just counted the channels 39.

I just loaded the LocalNow Playlist in TiViMate and now have 210 channels.
Merry Christmas, have fun and STREAM ON.

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I love that F2V app! I even promoted it to my 2nd place spot right after my USTVGO app. My ONLY paid service is now in the 4th place spot and may drop even further! Lol


Ya it’s my #1 now and Ola TV has been relegated to #2.

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What’s nice about those major commercial free sites is th as t they usually have the top notch equipment for a little no buffering issue.

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