๐Ÿ›‘ Modified Code in TiviMate App

There are some trolls in the TiviMate Facebook Group claiming that we modify the source code of our applications that we provide through our Rapid App Installer or tutorials.

We donโ€™t.

I have no clue how to do that in the first place and not sure what I would gain by doing it anyways? This is funny to me.

I promise you that all apps we serve are the original versions.

Thank you.



I would say watch for unverified places to download apks.

People tend to modify these apks and disguise them as tivimate for example and boom hacked.

Thanks for the tip and the information.

All you really doing is providing us a convenient way of getting apks onto out devices that donโ€™t normally allow it.

I belive you.

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typically i have foundthat mostof the troypoint haters on facebook offer compteting services to troy and want to slam his stuff then in pm tell you bout thiers
i really find it amusing ii i learned all i know from troypoint


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