Mobdro APK Not Working

Originally published at: Mobdro APK Not Working - Here are the Best Alternatives

The following article explains Mobdro Not Working and provides a list of the best alternatives. Mobdro is one of the most popular free IPTV applications available today. As of today (Wednesday, February 10th, 2021), Mobdro is not working and its official website is down. We’ve received several questions about Mobdro not working and after checking…

Livenettv is not at that address. It doesn’t work. Need new url.

When we take into account that Mobdro was a free streaming app, it is amazing it lasted as long as it did. Free or not, it takes a lot of time and technical effort to keep these free apps up and running. For people to expect these free apps to be updated and running indefinitely, to me, it is unrealistic and too much to expect.