Mobdro alternative

Like most of you, I am still mourning the loss of Mobdro. I switched to Ola10 to get news from other US cities, but it can be hit or miss. Does anyone have any alternatives you could suggest to access US local broadcasting. Thanks for your time.


I use USTV247.TV-Its not as good as Mobdro but as long as you have a VPN you can get watch a few premium channels.


I am so encouraged here! Thanks you for this suggestion. Where did you get this app? I want to download it! Again, thanks for your time!

Try going to the website and just click on one of the listed stations. I can’t get full screen when I go there in my Nvidia, so I go to the station I want in my laptop and cast it onto my tv. It’s not as good as Mobdro but it works for me.


So far the best for local news is downloading yr fav news app. Also the one app that seems to work best for me is Redbox tv. I really liked locast hope something like that comes back

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I use the internet browser in my firestick and save the setting at the top to favorites. Click on the channel you want to view and click the arrow to play. Once it comes up double click inside the box for full screen. Remember to keep your VPN on-Happy Viewing all for Free-link

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Double click inside the box will give you a full screen

Im Pretty Positive Mobdro is Not Safe to use and I thought it was Taken down or Shut down About 6 months ago.!! I Know There are Free apps out there but ( In my Opinion ) from Years Experience it’s much easier , Less Time Confusing to go the paid way!! There are great services that are very Good and cheap.!! Stay Golden and Keep Surfing the Stream

Thank you, Rob57. Much appreciated.


No Problem - Happy to help Anytime.!!

Thanks so much for the directions! You’re my new best friend!!! After I read your post, I Googled it on a Chromebook. It took me to a website and at first glance, looked great. I looked around and was amazed at how many channels there were. I definitely see the importance of clicking the full screen option! LOL I didn’t add it to TV yet. It was getting late and I was fearful I’d mess it up. So glad I waited; your directions will make it a snap!! Thanks again!

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I don’t think it’s ever come back since it’s tragic downfall last spring. If it has, I haven’t used it. But ya know how it is; you start using something then it is the newest one to fail and you are left scrambling, trying to find a reasonable alternative that ultimately never seems to fit as well. And there I was - left standing in the “damn, I knew that was too good to be true” dust!

You make an excellent point though. And I am sure there are a plethora of good IPTV’s out there, for which I would gladly pay. But how do I find ‘em? Here is where my ignorance shows. First off, up until Troy’s last newsletter I didn’t know IPTV with a monthly membership even existed. I thought streaming was streaming. I am relatively new to all this. Terms like APK and streaming are all knew to me. (And there is a profoundly sharp learning curve!) Armed only with my Troypoint emails and the desire to cut the freakin’ cord, I am forging on! Secondly, how can you tell the good from the bad? The prices are moderate though some more than others, but how do you know what you are getting? And that leads to the most obvious, I’d gladly pay, but how safe is it to do so? I had considered (this was yesterday, so it’s a plan in the evolving state) buying a Visa gift card that had no link to me to use for payment. But what if the one I chose (and you could bet on the one I select will) really sucks? I guess my point is, while I am appalled by the ever growing cost of cable, I don’t mind paying ‘something’ for access. Back to my Troypoint access to unravel this mystery of life for me. I am a work in progress! Thanks for any guidance that you as a subscriber can provide!

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Is good also.

Just as a side note …the Kodi Xenon Free build from Diggz has these apps built into it … so when you go into the app and click on a channel its full screen by default. It also has excellent world and local news feeds and local stations.


Thanks so much for this information. Using Kodi seems so intimidating. I have installed and deleted it once before. Should have done the homework before installing. That truly is the next thing I am going to again attempt. Now I have even more reason to attempt it; I had no idea that I could access local news through it. Thanks again!

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Your welcome and if it stops on you just use the refresh @ the top of the page. Sometimes you may have to go into your firestick settings and force stop the program and then it will work. Remember to clear your cache once in awhile on all your installed programs. Take Care


USTVGO channels list - USTVGO.TV

I use Tap tv . It is available in unlinked .

You are welcome. Took me a while to master it but as I well and truly cut the cord I needed some good alternatives.I was using Redbox TV for most of my TV until this build came along. A couple things to remember with the Xenon build …it’s quite slow, click and wait. When it first boots up, leave it for a few minutes to sort itself out …at least until your weather shows. If you want to use Pluto with a great epg …you will have to install a PVR client from ‘my addons’ … good free tv with continuous episodes of my favourite shw …‘This Old House’.
Anyway bear with it … the TV channels are endless … all of Netflix ,Amazon Prime, AppleTV … etc etc.
Lots of people here to help I’m sure. Enjoy.

Thanks for helping. One question. I have the xenon build but can’t seem to find the channel’s or app you mentioned. Would really appreciate if you could (dumb it down ) for me. Very much appreciated. :facepunch:t3: