Missing Narcacist REPO

Does anyone know if the narcacist repo has been moved or has it just been discontinued indefinitely? I know it was available in May for another Build.
I think it was available earlier in the month of July, 2023. The original URL is posted on several sites of the Internet. For me, this missing repo file caused two addons in two of Diggz builds to be excluded. The repo I found may not be the current one but it fixes my two Diggs builds installed on 7-22-23. If you are a patient surfer, you can find this temporary(?) URL that works. If it’s found, the file and contents should be scanned by anti-virus software before use. (I don’t know how to do that.) I have installed the repo and used it. After installing and testing the add-ons, I checked for a virus with Defender and the paid version of Malwarebytes with no indication of a virus on my PC.
I’m afraid to be more specific with filenames and URLs due to the TOS here. I’m a very old person but I am a noub to the TOS and to Kodi.

You can scan a url here👇

Here’s the present working url for that repo

I found a new url for it. Wondering if it’s the same as yours. Mine has the word soul in the url, does yours?

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Hi Shayde,

Yes, it does… :wink: It is also very lost…

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Yes, that’s it. It was verified by a couple of fairly seasoned users on Reddit, so I guess it’s the right url to be using.