Missing movies?

I really don’t know which category this topic should be in and it is not earth shattering but just plain annoying.
I like old moves. I mean the old, old, old movies movies.
My issue with Twilight and Crew is that when you search by years or decades as the case may be, you will receive multiple pages of movies listed, most with some form of artwork although not the necessarily the original movie artwork.
I find one I like and “select” it and it starts looking for all the providers. You watch the numbers accumulate for the various formats and then WHAM in the upper right hand corner it says “no streams available” even though the 'Total" in the tally screen clearly indicated x-number of streams available.
If that isn’t bad enough, if I get to the point of getting to choose one of the multiple sources listed (usually the top one since that seems more reliable) it starts acting like it is downloading only to go back to the selection screen that I made my choice from to begin with! To top it all off, NONE of the choices (even from providers I have used in the past) listed on that screen will load the video. I just recently renewed RealDebrid for 6 months.
Frustration is a mild word.
Do I need to toggle something, add something, change a setting within the addon change addons, or stand on my head while rubbing my stomach in a circle while tapping my nose to see if that is the ticket?
I get some of these same null returns with some TV shows I added to my Favorites as well.
Thanks for any insight ESPECIALLY if I get to see the movies I want to see. :slight_smile:

If your RD subscription expired before renewal or if you added addons after you set up RD you will need to reauthorize/resynch RD to those addons. Common mistake.

try turks uk lot of old movies on there

Try Plex it has a lot of old movies and they play https://www.plex.tv/

Maybe if you move this topic over to movies and shows you can list a few of them and people can look them up and see if they can find some links.

I see no instructions n how to move.
Do you have a link?

No I don’t know how to do it may not have action to do it either. Ask Miki he can move it. Then I’ll try it on a couple apps I got.

yes @Miki will move it for you

RD renewed last Oct. 2023 for 180 days when I checked RD site.
Went ahead and renewed for another 180. Tacks onto the 30+ days I had remaining PLUS used some loyalty points for another 90 days. :sunglasses:
Fairly sure I was already running current Kodi version then but will look to see that it is authorized but think it is otherwise other movies and TV shows would not load.

Okay here we are, give us one of those oldies!

You can’t have me, I’m taken. Oh you meant one of those Oldies as in Movies. Ooops.


I’m thinking that, when you browse, the links that are showing up first are the ones that are not connected to Real Debrid. So the links that you are seeing scrolling first are non-RD links. Then it performs a secondary scan for RD links and they are not available through RD.

I hope that is what you are referring to and what I said make some sort of sense.

I was having similar issues like you about old movies. I solved it easily with TCM (Turner Classic Movies) TCM is the best source I have ever found related to ALL of the classic old movies. The people who work for TCM provide an excellent experience with their comprehensive and detailed description of each movie. I watch a lot of classic old movies with the old classic movie stars of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. Now, I too enjoy movies of the 21st century and I watch them on Kodi using both the Crew and Ghost along with RD to enhance the streaming ability of all off the latest and greatest movies of today. I hope this information helps you in some way. Good luck getting to what you want to enjoy watching both on TV and in the movies . What may work for some people may not work for others, yet what I’m doing is simple and provides me with a huge source of classic and current movies as well as TV and TV series. Again, good luck to you.

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I’ve found that Usenet is a better source for some of the more obscure older stuff. Easynews works with some Kodi addons. On some older stuff RD won’t return any hits but EN will.

Well we never heard anymore from the OP so I’m out of here!


I hope you don’t mind if I jump on to this thread but talking about searching for old movies, I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this situation on The Crew. I too search by year but recently I am only getting a few foreign titles, maybe Russian, I can’t tell. The few english listings are a LOT of stuff that I don’t recognize, some of them I don’t think are even movies. I also recently let my IPVanish lapse if that has anything to do with it. I don’t see anything in the settings as far as country of origin when it comes to searching.

I use scrubs 2, always watch old movies, Check via year. or decade
works great!!!
I do NOT use RD!!!

I hope the OP figured it out…it was in interesting thread. You aren’t going to find many old movies on Netflix or Prime, but our little hobby is an ideal engine to find them and sort them. Versus newer movies you can pay for or find in other ways pretty easily even without our hobby.

I have the same problem with a few current shows… All kinds of links for real debrid but nothing will show and yes my Rd is current and up to date. Example… America pickers has current episodes…but cannot get any Content from the link. Never had a problem in the past but seems like quite a few things R not the same Since you know what!

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One or two mistakes I used to make. Make sure you add real Debrid authorisations when you don’t have VPN running. It will work firstly and then be forgotten when you go in after closing. As far as not seeing movies you expect to see or even series, make sure you are viewing All Movies rather than Watched/Unwatched. Different add-ons show different stuff too so try a few to get your favourite. Mine are Crew and Umbrella at the moment now Fen has flopped. Clearing Cache helps too.

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