Minisforum’s V3, The World’s First AMD Ryzen 8040 “-Powered Tablet

Minisforum’s V3, The World’s First AMD Ryzen 8040 "-Powered Tablet, To Be Available In Q1 2024

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Do you think this is better than the Samsung Ultra s9 tablet. The top of the line Samsung tablet would cost me about $1,420 in hand.

Cant say. Samsung is Samsung…enuf said. Minisforum does make great mini pc’s but I have never tried a tablet of theirs. Specs look awesome and I do prefer Ryzen over others… But vs Samsung…damit :rofl:

Price could be the determining factor.

I’m having trouble finding it for sale anywhere. My goto samsung alternative(poor mans samsung) is lenovo tablets Lenovo Tab P12-2023 - Expansive Touchscreen Tablet - 12.7" 3K Display - 13MP Camera - 8GB Memory - 128GB UFS Storage - Android 13 - Dolby Atmos - Quad JBL Speakers - Pen Included : Electronics

or the pro… : Lenovo Tab P12 Pro Tablet - 12.6" 2K - Octa-core (Kryo 585 Single-core (1 Core) 3.20 GHz + Kryo 585 Triple-core (3 Core) 2.42 GHz + Kryo 585 Quad-core (4 Core) 1.80 GHz) - 6 GB RAM - 128 GB Storage - : Electronics

Their largest screen is only 12.7". I like the idea of the Ultra s9 14.7 screen.

The Minisforum will have a 14"

and the Minisforum is a windows tablet where the lenovo is android.