Mini Pc, So what can't I do with it that I can with a regular Desktop or Laptop

I was reading another post and there was mention of a mini pc. This is something I’ve thought about before but still unsure of my limitations such as software or adding things like midi via usb or firewire. I see in amazon you can get them with windows installed because I was wondering how I can install software that I want. I will be reading of course but any insights on these by people who own them or know about them would be great.

This one is a good price it seems but I’ve only started looking.

I own this one works great built-in Windows 11pro.

Bmax B1 Pro Mini PC Fanless N4000(up to 2.6GHz) 8GB LPDDR4 RAM/128GB eMMC Mini Desktop Computer.

What are it’s limitations with regards to installing software not counting space limitations for storage.

step up to a n100 mini. That 5095 will work but its old. The n100 mini is low power usage and more powerful as well.

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I bought this one a year ago and has been ROCK SOLID!..i got it as a major upgrade from my tower desktop,the ease of placing it behind my monitor and outta the way and the future proofing in softwar,hardware was a NO BRAINER of a purchase for my needs… just an FYI…you will NOT have a CD/DVD drive with these mini pc’s so keep that in mind.

I also purchased the Beelink SER5 5560U about one month ago, to replace an 8 year old desktop.
Love how small and quiet it is. Comes with Windows 11 Pro.

This will be our day to day pc, (no gaming) and Plex Media Server.
Because of the low power consumption, I plan to leave it on all the time.
(Apparently chips ending in “U” are low power, those ending in “H” are high power.)

I also like that Beelink uses branded components. This unit has a Kingston SSD, and Crucial DDR memory.
You can upgrade easily by removing 4 screws.


I didn’t think gaming was possible on these but if it is, that would be a bonus. Anything I can play is years and years old. All my Pc’s are very old.

No limitations with installing software just purchase a external drive and you are good to go.

What do you mean by limitations? These are pc’s, period, limited only by whatever active ports/outputs they may or may not have and whatever OS is installed. I have two: one very low power unit I use as a smarthome controller and another that is my wife’s primary pc. Both are fantastic, and my wife’s is functionally equivalent to my business Lenovo X1 (sans installed screen & keyboard, thunderbolt, etc.)

This is the unit I bought and set up for my wife: . She loves it! It is blazing fast, consumes little power, and is a breeze to set up. You just can’t beat a unit like this for under $300 ($289 right now after coupon), assuming you have the peripherals you need on hand (monitor, keyboard, etc.).

This is exactly the type of information I need. I have many wireless keyboards/mice etc and of course a monitor for it. I am wondering about audio as now I use a professional audio card and asio drivers. I will lose that for sure but have a mixer that will use usb as well as Midi. The drivers such as Asio4all just don’t have low latency. If it will let me at least play games, I will sort something out for my DAW. I do have another old pc. The one you linked to is $369 CDN.

If you want to use a Mini PC for Kodi, you can save a few bucks and buy one of the units that doesn’t come with an OS and install LibreELEC on it. The N100 processor seems to work well for an entertainment center. Install an SSD drive in it and download movies from your Kodi add-ons.
I got a Beelink EQ12 Mini PC that has 16G memory and a 500Gb SSD drive for around $150.

Thank you. I actually have not used kodi for years even though I started with XMBC way more than a decade ago on my pc. I found it took up so much space and when you added in the builds, there was not a lot of room left for anything else. If that massive memory hog has changed, I would consider looking at it again but honestly, with light weight apps like Stremio and Filmplus etc, I see little need for it. I actually have a dedicated laptop that I spoke about a few months ago running a free media server that will stream to any DLNA device / TV including xplore that also supports it. I believe VLC also does. The mini would be used for the internet and hopefully running some games as my old Nvidea card can’t anymore.

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GMKtec mini + Memorex portable CD drive (USB). Works great. WallyWorld has popular brands for $20 – $30.