Micro USB cable is slow

I have purchased a Micro USB hub adapter. https://tiny.one/MicroUSBhub . However, when I hooked it up, it was super slow. Seemed like way more than double the speed slower. I got the device, so I could hook up my external USB and a mouse. Mouse worked but slow. External USB worked, but slow. It was slow-going from one app to another. Even trying to play something on Kodi was painful just getting there. I have unhooked it for now. Just have a cable with my USB connected.

My question is how do I correct the speed issue? It is only slow with the new USB cable above.

What OS are you using it on? From what I read there’s a switch on the side for charging or phone/tablet. Nowhere did I see Fire TV or even firestick for compatible devices.

I thought I would jump in here as I also have issues with USB connections.
Mine is related to what devices go where , USB 3 versus USB 2 …
I have not been able to connect both wireless mouse and wireless keyboard at the same time . Is it possible ?

Can I plug USB external drive in to extract movies ?

If this is the wrong way , sorry and ignore me .

Get a wireless keyboard with a track pad. No mouse needed then.

Here is what I have for my Firestick info. Apparently Amazon CS is mistaken on what I need.

Yes there is a switch on the side. It is either OTG or Charge.

Not sure what you mean about Amazon being mistaken. I went to the specs page of your device and could only find where it was compatible with android phones or tablets. Nothing on Fire Os or firesticks.

Oh, I don’t doubt that. I chatted with an agent, and they pointed me that way. No problem. I will return this one and get a wireless keyboard. Hopefully then I can work out the speed issues.

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