MHR repo Message

This may be an old topic that I missed, so my apologies if this is a repeat, but I keep getting a message when I try to get to a Kodi addon that says “ In order to receive updates for the Bluetooth Delay add on, please install the new repo from MHR repo.” I just click “OK” and keep it moving. I have no idea what that means or how to remove the message. Any suggestions, ideas, or tips is greatly appreciated.

Best I can tell this is part of a game, possible cheat app and repos are very vague about what it does. I see little info in the nexus repo and a few others and a couple instances of chineese software about some monster :grimacing:. A tough one to sort.

Thanks TXRon. Yeah I’m lost on this one but as long as it doesn’t affect what I want to watch or any other capabilities I’ll just deal with it. Thanks again.

This is an old and outdated repo of the Bluetooth Delay Addon. If you want the message to stop, go to MHR repo and click on Add-on repository and install the new repo “MAR-official repository”, then the message will stop.


Thank you. I appreciate the response.

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