Merging Posts with Other Posts

Once again I am posting to complain about the frequent merging of posts into other posts which have nothing to do with the original post. The latest one today was a post asking if Stremio was down and it was merged with a post regarding " How to install Stremio on a firestick (nothing to do with the problem) If the original poster
[d2peters] reads this, I am in the UK and Stremio is working fine.


It is getting confusing especially when their is a lot of post you have to scroll through to get to the one you posted .


Overzealous moderation. In an attempt to keep things orderly the moderators are making it confusing to find new posts moved to old threads.


Ummm not really. Notice that it clearly states where the post was merged to and a link to that post. Scrolling down, which is easy, to the last post, will show the merged post. The topic is regarding Stremio and the thread has useable info in it.

Notice the slider on the right which can be used to move quickly up and down in a thread.

Just doing exactly what Troy has asked.

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Sorry but I agree with cloaked.


That’s just fine. Won’t change anything, but I understand. Have fun and STREAM ON!!


So if you are suggesting to not merge posts, what are you suggesting is the correct way to handle it? Since I started on here, we have posters that make a new thread for a topic that has already been asked and answered 250 times. For example, if we didn’t have our Mods merging the 4k Onn Pro questions/comments/answers, etc, I guarantee this entire forum would be full of similar threads about that new Onn box. Kodi is the same way. Whenever something goes wonky in the Kodi world, the entire Troypoint Insider fills up the forum with many, many threads of mostly the same question asked a slightly different way. A few moves may have not been perfect, but you have to step back and understand the goal is to streamline our thoughts into categories to make searching for answers easier.


It seems as if the Kodi threads get left alone. They tend to dominate the thread list.

It might be a tall order,not sure what the limitations of the forum s/w is but…perhaps there could be like sub forums.Take as an example Stremio.The main thread for it would be about installation,the sub forums could be for stremio issues etc.

Just a thought.

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I truly don’t know the perfect answer either, that is why I asked the question. Things like this, though, are great suggestions to at least talk through even if it isn’t an option on this forum platform. Troy created this Insider to help us, so I don’t think valid ideas for improvement should be left unheard. However, there is a fine line between constructive criticism and straight bashing someone who has the best intentions of this forum in mind. I just hope we can keep that in mind when offering suggestions.

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if you read troys post on this its clear what he is asking if your question is merged it will come up as latest post on that topic an you will get the answere to your question

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There’s definitely a lot of platforms that would be better but I think Troy needs visibilty.

Discord would be hands and feet better than this platform with how the channels are nested but Discord would not provide the same visibilty

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You are exactly right. People think that adding a comment to an existing topic that nobody will see it but that’s not true. It still appears on the home screen of this site. We will continue doing things this way. Thank you.