Media lounge showing blank screen

Hi guys i am new on here so sorry if i have posted this incorrectly
I have used media lounge for some time now but over the last month all i get is a blank screen with just the search available not showing any content anybody else had the same issue
Done an update tna removed and re installed tna any help would be great
Thanks guys

its always up and down there are better app to use

Thanks buddy for letting me know

try turks uk / or film plus or /onstream all work well

I second the OnStream. Only one minor drawback, if you want the app to keep track of your “watched” stuff you have to register. I’m just curious where that list might be kept and who will have access to it. But if you have a great memory, no need to reg. Actually it has one thing I love, it chooses the stream for you and every time it plays a top quality stream, both for vids and series.

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