MECOOL KM7 Android TV Box Review

This is my unbiased review with both pros and cons. Read this before you buy.


That’s an absolute shame.

I feel like this box was rushed to be on the market to pair with others in its class, but unfortunately lacks a bit.

The lack of some the options puts a damper on the price range for a little more you can get most to all of this.

I mean it’s still a good box but to many cut corners it seems. And as 2022 comes around I’m sure our fav android 11 boxes will get a bump.

Edit: just my honest opinion from what I read. It may be there way of implementing av1 just to be the first on the market with it.


Hi Troy, I read your review over the weekend as I’d just purchased 2 KM7’s direct from Mecool while they had a special offer on. After reading your comments regards Dowbloader not working and the remote I hit the panic button thinking I’ve made a mistake. Today I thought I’d better try one out fearing the worst as I connected it up. All went very smoothly and I put downloader on the device then installed your Rapid app installer without any issues at all so at a bit of a loss as to your comments regards Downloader nor working properly. Everything worked as it should and your app installer was faultless too, maybe Downloader has had an update to solve issues since your post? I found the remote fine , there might be as you say a hint of lag but far from a problem I’d say. Overall the box is excellent for the money and was little more than a 4K firestick costs in the uk but with far superior specs. Netflix and Prime don’t interest me so if neither of them worked in HD it wouldn’t worry me as I use other streaming services.


@richard_lythe this is fantastic news!!! Thanks for sharing this. You are correct. Elias from AFTVNews must have updated the Downloader app after I did the review. I will get in there today and edit that portion. Thanks again for the heads up.


That’s good to hear. Android 11 tv with Downloader will solve alot of issues.

Pretty sure shield is upgrading to it.

I just replaced my original Firestick, that no longer works with the latest software update, with a Me Cool KM7. So far, I love it. It was super fast and easy setup, and there is a definite picture upgrade for us on our Vizio Smart TV. I ordered the mini keyboard with it. That was worth the $10. I’m not having the issues some others reported. My issue is still the same, my IPTV provider is having all kinds of issues. If I could just get them to fix their issues, I’d be all set. So far, I’m loving my KM7. I was able to disable a lot of the Google marketing garbage, and my home page is pretty clean. No more waiting on the latest Amazon marketing ads to download before I can use my device.

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your article stated 4GB Ram. It only has 2


Welcome to the community.

There is 2 versions 4 and 2 gog of ram. The 4 is the newer km7. The review also says 4 or 2.

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Just spent last evening setting up and using my new km7. No joy. It throttles my internet speed by over 50% (defsquid). So it’s going to my box graveyard.


Have you looked into your internet speeds and the hardware of the box? Are you using a VPN? Are you wifi or hardwired? Whats your downspeed? These boxes are somewhat capped if they don’t have a gigabytes ethernet.

My provider speed is around 55Mbps.
I’m using wifi, tried both bands, Ipvanish on and off. Defsquid speed is around 20Mbps. This km7 was purchased to replace my firestick 4K max which does not exhibit this same speed throttling. It runs around 50 Mbps (vpn on or off)

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Sounds like you need to do some testing, run a wired connection and wifi with vpn off. Also don’t use defsquid to run inet rest use a wifi analyzer app, there is a popular one that works well.

Hey @Riceyepie Try a speed test on Analiti…for some reason, the speed test on DefSquid is always a lot lower…on Analiti (& others) I get 138Mbps w/VPN…on DefSquid I get 58Mbps w/VPN. I’m hardwired running a KM6 Deluxe.

I absolutely love the mecool brand, I was worried about the KM7 as I saw all the negative reviews only after I ordered it, but after receiving and testing it I have to say I love it, slightly slower remote response compared to my KM9 but nothing to complain about, the box is really great.

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