Mecool km6 logging out

Hi I have a problem with my mecool km6 it keeps logging out when watching live tv. Is there a way to reset the unit to default settings as I believe that a setting is not correct. Any help will be appreciate.

I’m a little confused what you mean by “logging out”. You said you were watching live TV, does it log out of the IPTV app, VPN, etc?

I am using a website in Thailand name fwiptv to watch UK tv channels. Every time I select a channel it just return’s to the home page. This also happens with live net. Just need to know how to set mecool km6 to default settings. Thank you.

I cant find a “defaul settings” button in the KM6’s menus. I would factory reset it and reload everything to see if that helps.

Ok thank you, will factory reset.

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