Mecool KM6 Deluxe box

I have a question which Mecool have not responded/replied to - can anyone help please. My Mecool box display a red light when turned off - OK. When turned on and is working great, a blue light is displayed on front panel, However, sometimes this light turns green - when this happens, I seem to get buffering and huge amounts of cache builds up extremely quickly. Can anyone explain what this green light is for and why this is happening please? As I said, I have queried this with Mecool but they have not responded. Thanks in advance.

@Miki posted this a few days ago. I’ve had this box for a long while and see both lights. Oddly enough, mine seems to work fine when it is green. I’m not sure if the VPN and safety dot throws the reading off or what. I know yesterday when I was on my upstairs KM6, I noticed safety dot was off. When I turned it on, that breathing light turned green, but my network was just fine.

Oh, and welcome, by the way!!!

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Thanks Mika. Good to know its not just me. Maybe it is the safety dot as you say. When my green light is on, the wifi is still connected, like yours, but overloads on the cache. Very strange. Thanks for attaching the breathing light descriptions too. Have a great day…

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Sorry about the typo on your name Miki :smirk:

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