Mecool km3 and android 10

Hi i was wondering if there are features or other reasons to upgrade to android 10? I most use kodi and crew to watch movies, etc.

Km3 has 9.x now.

Hello @Active1 In my opinion, the updates for Android make a bigger difference on phones and tablets. I doubt that you would even notice anything different with Android 10.

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Yes agreed to @TROYPOINT comments. They are using abdriod 10 upgrade on boxes as a marketing gimmick to get you to buy. The major upgrades to look for are hardware changes.

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Just like Apple. My kids say that iPhone 7 is old and they want a new one. I say, “Tell me what the new iPhone 20 or whatever the number is, will do that 7 doesn’t, TikTok and Snap work the same.”


Ok thats what i saw when i read feature/release notes but thought i may have missed something. Thanks from a happy iphone 7 user. :grinning:

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