Mecool KM2 Plus Update

Came across this in my morning reading through Reddit. Mecool KM2 Plus update

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Hi just checked on mecool site and no mention of it I will send them a query to see if its available.

I did check there as well. Good looking out

Here is a link to the file from my Sync Cloud Storage. Downloader code.


After downloading, copy it to USB, and then go to System Settings–About–Local Update

Updates and benefits of the latest firmware version C2.3.3_20221221 as per Mecool report:

  • upgrade mandatory patches provided by SOC vendor AMLOGIC.

  • upgrade Google security patches to 2022-11-05

  • upgrade Google ATV waive system patch.

  • upgrade Dolby related patches

  • upgrade Google GTVS version.

  • upgrade patches for NTS authentication issues.

  • upgrade driver patch provided by the WIFI vendor.

  • upgrade Skyworth system iteration patch.

Factory reset is not required after the update - confirmed by Mecool.



Is this update ok to install? I was a little worried about clicking the link.

I purchased the Mecool KM2 Plus for my daughter.

Should I update her Mecool KM2 Plus with this update?

On another note which app should be installed 32 or 64 bit. I know a 64 bit machine will run a 32-bit application.

I looked up the KM2 Plus spec. It appears the processor is a 64 bit but, the Android TV 10 operating system is 32 bit. At least that the way I interpret the spec.

Some apps have a 32 bit and a 64 bit version. Should the 32 or 64 bit version be installed on KM2 Plus?

Thank you for your help.


If the hardware uses 64 run 64.

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If our were you I would wait till the OTA update is pushed automatically to your box. Don’t want anything to go wrong for your daughter. :wink:

That is a good idea.

I was a little nervous about trying an update using a USB stick.

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Hi Guys got the update from Mecool site and it is the same as the one here so ok to use.


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