MeCool KM2 plus Android Box / Power Off

Greetings all. I just bought a MeCool KM2 plus, and I don’t know if it’s me (probably), but I can’t figure out how to power the box off. I’ve mapped the remote, and everything is good, but I can’t figure out how to power off the unit completely. It turns everything off (TV, Soundbar), but the box itself seems to only go into sleep mode and doesn’t completely power off (overheating issues?) Does anyone have an answer or fix for this? Please let me know. Thanks.

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I don’t have a KM2 Plus but a KM2 and when I turn off at night, the tv turns off, one green light goes off and in the morning both green lights are out

Look into cec settings

I have my KM2 plugged into a power bar along with my Hub, TV and soundbar. I shut everything off, except as you noted, the power is still on on the KM2 and every night I turn the power bar off. No power to anything. Flick the switch on in the morning, grab a coffee, hit the power button on my remote and in about 2 minutes I’m watching my news.

Power your TV off first using the TV remote then power the box off. For some reason mecool km2 does t like being turned off :sweat_smile:

Hi there is a power switch on the back of the KM2.

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I stopped using that button. I would power it off using that button then wake up and sit down and try to turn it on from the remote and have to get up to press the button :sweat_smile::sob::sweat_smile::sob:

Actually the KM2 plus doesn’t have an on off switch on the back. I got a WiFi power strip and just use that to power the unit off at days end. Thank you for the input. Greatly appreciated!

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They took the power button away? Maybe they should have called it the KM2 minus :crazy_face:

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