Mecool KM2 plus android 11

Hello i have a question that hopefully someone can assist. I have setup android box mecool KM2 to Samsung TV with HDMI. I have setup to recognize Tv to android TV unit. When i power up both TV and Android unit come on which is good so Tivimate starts automatically. When i use Mecool remote to turn off only the TV turns off but not the Mecool unit. I have to use the google voice to tell it to turn off or set the Mecool to power down after a set time for me this is 6hrs. Any idea why i cant turn off mecool tv with mecool remote when TV is setup with it. If i run only mecool tv unit on its own it will turn off and on with remote.

look into the cec settings on the mecool

thanks for a quick reply will check and check CEC settings.

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