MECOOL KM2 Netflix Certified Android TV Box

Originally published at: MECOOL KM2 Review - Android TV Box with Netflix Certified 4K

This MECOOL KM2 Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the Android TV Box on a regular basis for three days. This streaming device was provided free of charge to TROYPOINT by MECOOL. However, this review is unbiased and you will see that I point out both the good and bad regarding this…

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I just ordered one again. First two times they sent me an email sold out. I just ordered another one about an hour ago. Let’s hope third time is a charm. Really liked the info in this review @TROYPOINT Thanks!

That review is the older model. Troy just did a review of the new km2 I believe last week. Both great streamers tho. :+1:

Thought the new review is for the KM2 Plus?

There was never a km2 plus till now with added storage I believe. Both good boxes

The one I ordered (not the plus)…MECOOL KM2 Android TV Netflix 4K with Google Assistant Chromecast Build in 4K HDR Streaming Media Player Google Certified DDR3 2GB, eMMC 8GB Dolby BT 2T2R Dual Wifi Prime Video Set Top Box

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My KM2 arrived today. Now I just wait for everyone to go to bed. Lol


Enjoy. It’s fairly simple to set up and the new updates from Feb helped with security and fixed the old Remote issues. Stremio, TiViMate and other streaming apps worked perfectly. Even added storage was pretty simple as well. Have fun and STREAM ON.


Finally able to get it going now that everyone went night night. Sitting pretty with BuzzTV X5 and it’s bright #*% light sitting behind it

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wow, I can see they havent scaled the size down :sunglasses:

edit…see that red light on the x5…I put a piece of black tape over it with a pinhole in it :joy:

It’s usually covered by the current device in front of it. I use it (X5) when nobody is up. I don’t leave it (X5) on due to no Netflix and the Wife & Grandkids watch Netflix. I have it running on living room tv. Shield Pro is going to the bedroom and KM2 staying in living room.

sounds like musical chairs except with tv boxes :rofl:

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It’s a fun hobby. I hook up different ones and keep them updated. I guess just a change of scenery when I want. Lol

I followed @TROYPOINT video on expanding internal storage. Plugged drive into back usb port and it only shows to set up as removable storage and not shared internal. Any clue oh great Guru?

Is it a new drive? Generally I will format the usb on my pc to ntfs, then install it and android will ask when I click on it if I want it as internal, click yes it will format it as internal and done.

Yes it’s brand new. Going to try that now. Thanks

That did it! Thanks!!

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your welcome, Have a great night :sunglasses:

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So how ya liking that KM2? Its always been very dependable for me. Downside is 2gb/8gb but other than that???

So far so good. Not really a load up with apps kind of guy so it’s perfect. Running smooth and simple. Just like our Shield Pro…everyone can use it because it has everything like the Shield Pro. X5 not so much.

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