MECOOL KD3 VS MECOOL KD5: What is the difference?

I am a big fan of Mecool devices and try and keep up with Whats Happnin over there. I have 1 km6 and 2 km2’s and I cant find nothing wrong with either after bending, dropping from a tall buildings etc. I can put any of my mecool devices side by side with the top boxes streaming and you wouldnt be able to tell which is which…annnnd I bet me mecool box can beat your tv box :rofl: :skull:…just kiddin’ They are top of the line…if ya get my point. :+1:

MECOOL KD3 VS MECOOL KD5: What is the difference? – MECOOL-Official

Mecool fanboy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Difference at this point is hardware specs.

yep, ram vs ram. The KD3 might be the fire killer with its specs and pricepoint. Im actually surprised its as low as it is.

You must have like a room filled with boxes by now. Lol. This is why im not allowed in computer stores, and more recently had my cc taken away cuz buying android boxes to test and play with.

lol, thats the beauty of amazon. I buy the box, try it out and in most cases return it within 3 months and no harm to bank account :joy:… there is a few instances I couldnt return :grimacing:

Im not sure if amazon returns are different process in canada, from how i understand it its like walmart, you can return anything… lol Anyways, yea seems like storage and ram difference. Which brings me to a point, most boxes with these specs will do what you need it to do. dont always need the best specs :slight_smile:

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Agree completely. Main thing codec capable and not counting gaming most generic boxes stream fine.

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