Mecool KD3 Software issue

Are anyone having issue with the KD3 I had issue with HBO Max which I had to factory reset the device for it to work. This morning i woke up and the audio was not working on any app. I confirm it was not my Tv connecting my shield tv pro and Onn Android tv box both work on the same tv. I had to factory reset the KD3 and it resolved the issue I am one week into using it and I am nothing but software issue with the device I am ready to take it and place it behind my door as a door stopper.

@higjgrade Hi

If you’re sure that is software problem. Did you try to update your device?.
Here is the link to check for an update. Scroll down and select your device.
Mecool update page

No software update available for the device it was release about a month ago


Yes it’s if you scroll down to download it says software update select your device.
It could be device software is corrupted.

I see no update for my device it as just announce in January

Hey @higjgrade I’ve got a KM6 with the same android 10 & 2020 upgrade…so we should have the exact same firmware. I also lost audio a month or so ago…pretty sure it was from a corrupted app but could not confirm if or which one. Did a factory reset & replaced all apps & haven’t had a problem since…so not sure what your problem is.

The device I have is using Google Tv OS


Copy…it’s certified google android 10 tv o/s…actually same as the ONN box, but doesn’t have the patch ONN got in Jan 2022.

You just have the stick whereas I have a box…but same o/s in both.

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Piece of junk my ONN box work perfect I could have purchase two more ONN box for the price I paid for this Junk

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Did you purchase it thru MeCool or Amazon or Banggood or AliExpress? I’d try to return it & then buy a couple more ONNs.

Directly from Mecool

Just testing it out to see if it was any good I will place it behind my door or give my 8 month daughter to throw around

That could be difficult then…I’d do another factory reset & only replace your apps 1 or 2 at a time…just to see if your problem was similar to mine (corrupt app)…& see what happens…it may not be the fault of the stick…ya never know. Either way…GL2U :cowboy_hat_face:

I am currently working on my second Factory reset tomorrow make a week since delivery. We will see how many more reset I have to do.

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Just find out more users having issues with Mecool KM3 due to production fault.
It will be great if you find solutions to your KD3 issue. :+1:

Anyone want a KD3 free of charge only thing require is S/H. Device is a piece of sh!t I am having nothing but audio issue did two factory reset already refuse to try a third attempt. Will continue to test ONN android Tv

Mine also. Spent a weekend trying to get it running. Thought with google I could use all google apps but no! When you power down I can shut down either my tv or my sound bar not both.

That’s why my KM2 is in my electronic junk drawer.

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