Mecool KD3 4K TvStick ISSUE!

Hi Guys, my mecool kd3 4k tvstick is not loading anymore , it keeps on loading screen.
Is there anyway to hard reset from remove control, or load the system (safe mode) ?
I need to do a Hard Reset and not able to access the menu :face_holding_back_tears:

thank you for any further support

Ive never tried the kd3 but first look for a pin hole sized button somewhere on the stick. If you find one that could/should be a reset and the general method is to unplug the power and push the pinhole with a paperclip gently and at the same time plug the power in and you should get on screen instructions. If no pinhole you might try just unplugging power and when plugging back in try holding down the power button on boot. There might be a combo button press also. All these devices have a way its just finding it.


Hi TXRon, thanks for reply.

I tried to unlplug the power, hold the remote control power button, power + vol -, home button, nothing happens, mecool support is not working, I couldn’t find any video or tutorial. Regarding the pinhole, there isn’t - my only chance I think is to discover which “combo” on remote works.

yep. Usually theres a combo/sequence to make it boot into a screen for resetting etc. Often its difficult to find. Many of these boxes/sticks are just clones of another. Depending on the chip you might find it easier to search using that term. Also check out the xda forums.

I’ll do that, thank you

mecool kd3 wont boot at DuckDuckGo

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thought I would mention that often on boot holding the power and either vol up or vol down can get into options…just thinkin’ :joy:

I tried these combinations already, no success… probably is more than 2 buttons or I don’t know =/

does the kd3 have an aux/volume connection on it?

No, only HDMI & Power Connection

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When is booting, I discovered that pressing home + return buttons it opens the apps screen (Remote Pairing) then I can access the homescreen.

BUT I have no internet, no Bluetooth, I can’t access the settings and the launcher manager shows up:

No Launcher Has Found :cry:

How to Reboot in Safe Mode?
How to Reboot / Hard Reset?

Device: Mecool KD3 4K TvStick

Dont 2 topics for this. And im not sure, read the manual or look it up online. Im sure there is instructions somewhere. Youtube should help.

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It is a long shot, but I entered the following question into ChatGPT… the AI robot on the web.

“How to Reboot Mecool KD3 in Safe Mode?”

This was his (its) answer…

To reboot a Mecool KD3 in safe mode, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the device completely.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn it back on.
  3. When the Mecool logo appears, release the power button and press and hold the volume down button.
  4. Continue holding the volume down button until the device finishes booting up and enters safe mode.

In safe mode, the device will only load the system’s core applications and services, allowing you to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with third-party apps. To exit safe mode, simply restart the device normally.

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Here is another answer for a hard reset…

How to Reboot a Mecool KD3 Hard Reset?

To perform a hard reset on a Mecool KD3, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the device completely.
  2. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time.
  3. Release the buttons when the Mecool logo appears.
  4. Use the volume buttons to navigate the menu and select “wipe data/factory reset.”
  5. Confirm the action by selecting “yes” on the next screen.

A hard reset will erase all data from the device and restore it to its original factory settings. It is important to note that this will delete all personal files, settings and installed apps, so make sure to backup your important data before proceeding.

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Thanks for reply Quincy, but both commands didn’t works, probably it is some other combination from remote control. I really appreciate your help though.

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Stop making new topics on the same issue, keep it here. Please and thank you.


From everything I have read, I dont believe there is a way to factory reset from the remote only. If this was a box, they have physical reset buttons that would solve your particular issue. I think you may have to wait until Mecool customer support gets back to you to verify. Unfortunately, Mecool support isnt the greatest or the quickest.

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I believe there is a way but your best option is either mecool support :sleeping: :zzz:…or xda forums<<< lotsa hardcore modders over there.

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Is it possible the remote lost connection to the device and needs to be re-paired? Thus entering any key combinations is moot?

Depress the “home” and “return” button at the same time to try and re-pair? Just throwing ideas out there.

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Thank you

Actually I discovered that in loading screen I press home+return it open the Pairing screen and then I can access the home screens, apps, etc

But the problem is: I can’t access the settings, developer, or internet/Bluetooth

It looked at Launcher Manager it shows:
No launcher found