Mecool KD1 issues with paid apps

Hi all have a fair know how with tv boxes. Travel around a bit and purchased a mecool kd1 tv stick. Have 4 problems that i would love to resolve if even possible.

  1. Chromecast doesn’t work. It doesn’t reflect when trying to cast to the tv stick. Tried all the youtube hacks reinstalling uninstalling and changing the Chromecast settings but nothing works.
  2. Netflix doesn’t work or you can’t scroll in certain versions of Netflix and there is no usb port to connect a mouse to, and cellphone remote apps don’t work either.
  3. Google chrome app doesn’t work and the preloaded tv internet browser doesn’t allow navigation in all internet sites.
  4. Magnet links for torrents don’t work. And they are normally way too long to type out.

Any help would be appreciated.

KD1 is not netflix certified…errr at least I dont think it is. And that being the case you will not get the optimal netflix full hd on the stick. I know little about chromecast maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Where have you tried to cast from…a chrome browser on a computer or android phone? If either, is the kd1 even showing up on your network when you click on the cast icon?

Tried from my phone huawei p40 lite, and no doesn’t show the mecool tv stick. All my othe
r TV boxes show when casting.

Thanks for the direction. There is no Google home and play store says, "google home by Google LLC isn’t available on Google play for this device"uninstalled the chrome update, put bluetooth on the casting device and wala finally able to cast to the mecool kd1 tv stick.

By the way the KD3 is their netflix stick. MECOOL KD3 4K Streaming Stick. Netflix 4K, Google Certified Google TV 11. AV1 Supported 2GB RAM 8GB ROM : Electronics

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