Mecool 20% discount

Good on everything. Use code ET20 at check out.


I love the 20% off codes from Mecool. If anyone is looking for a medium cost, high performance box, these are fantastic options. Even their lower end boxes have a really good price to performance ratio.


I recently picked up one of their km6. It has strong specs, works great, and is now my primary stream box.


Was looking at the km1 deluxe box. Price looks great. 4, 32

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The km6 has a blue pulsing light on the front with a simulated wood top. You could watch tv at night in the dark and from bed take a picture of the box and report it as a ufo, jus’ sayin’

I do that often, just for funzies.

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GORT - Imgur

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KM 2 white box fantastic value with 20% discount I have all my relatives and friends using these and no complaints just compliments from everyone.


I have one of those KM1s for a couple of months and I really like it.
However, it looks like you might have to spend an extra $11 US or so because the only ones that are in stock have UK adapters included in the box.


I tried to use ET20 through Amazon, and the code was “not valid.” Do I have to buy direct through Mecool?

Went to the Mecoool website and the code worked. Didn’t find the timeline for shipping.

You should get an email with tracking information. It only took a week to get my km6.

Not 100% positive, but it looks like to get the discount, I must order through MeCool and it is shipped from Hong Kong.

The km6 I ordered shipped from China and only took 7 days to get here. It was surprisingly fast.


Solid box. Both elginherd and I are rocking these. But like he said, it looks like they don’t have the US plug and you’ll need to get a UK version and outlet adapter. Right now anyway. Or I guess you could wait until they get more US-configured KM1 Deluxes in stock, but the discount might not be valid then. I weep for you Argentina.

You might want to do a search of whether or not Amazon has their own version of the 20% off (sponsored by Mecool).

Could not find any discount on Amazon.

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As I look on Amazon and Mecool it seems that it is still cheeper just getting it from Amazon. Unless I’m missing something.

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I got to the real MeCool site. Used the ET20 instead of the Easter sale and got the KM6 Deluxe for $95. One happy little man…

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Are the mecool boxes already loaded with apps, similar to a fire stick?

I’m looking for a box just to uses for iptv and apps like tivimate and smarters.

Thank you for the info.