ME COOL2 shutting down

Box is shutting down at random times. How to distinguish if box or TV? But think it’s the box. This happens often. No matter what app we’re using at time.
Anyone have any idea?


is it getting hot? next time it shuts down check it(underside) if it seems a little warm/hot try better ventilation. I have 2 mecool boxes and never had a heat issue.

I checked and it’s slightly warm. I unplugged blew any dust away and replugged and checked all outlets.

If it continues you might want to cool it. Doesnt take much. A small fan is cheapest either mounted on the box or just a small fan blowing toward it will help. I had this issue with a friend(different box). He kept the inside temp 77-80F inside and that was the problem. Since he didnt want it cooler in the house a small fan did the trick.

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