Me Cool KM3 Has No Audio For Amazon Prime App

Purchased the ME Cool KM3 box to replace an Amazon Fire Box

I completed setup which included install of Cinema, Spotify, Sling, Players Klub and Amazon Prime (box shipped with Amazon Prime installed).

All are working (audio and video), however, there is no audio with Amazon Prime. Only video. I’ve looked at all audio parameters, but unsuccessful in my attempt to determine why Amazon Prime has no audio.

I’d appreciate any help to debug this issue

Thanks, Mike

Hello @mikec7120 this audio thing is driving me nuts as I can’t replicate it on my device. Some have said that changing the language to English (United Kingdom) has helped this problem. You can get to that by going into Settings / Device Preferences / Language. Also, some has indicated that it works when moving to a different television which tells me that their is a setting on their current TV that isn’t right under their audio settings on TV. Please report back if any of this helps so we can figure out a solution. I’ve also contacted MECOOL about this and told them that they need to get this problem addressed asap. Thanks Mike!

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I was able to correct the problem by reconnecting my Fire Box and review the audio parameters. I saw that Dolby Digital was turned off for the Fire Box. I then went back in and turned off Digital Selections on Me Cool, however, it didn’t correct the problem. I decided to reboot the MeCool while leaving the Dolby parameters turned off. After reboot Prime worked fine. I suspect parameter changes to the MeCool are not acted on until reboot. Hope this helps. Mike

If you’d like for me to provide my audio parameters for MeCool please let me know

@mikec7120 thanks for this information! Huge help. Yes, that would be awesome if you can take a snapshot of your screen. I will put that on the tutorial page of the review. I appreciate your help with this!

Please see screen shots for my Audio settings. I also discovered when you reboot please verify MeCool as well as your TV volumn settings. They may need to be adjusted. Also, I only had issues with Prime. Other apps had no audio issues. Please let me know if this corrects your problem. Mike

@mikec7120 thanks for sharing this!!! Much appreciated.

Why do you have the CEC switch off??? That’s the control to allow various remotes or equipment control like a soundbar.