Maybe a stupid question about fox nation

So I’ve been a cord cutter for a few years now but here is my delemma. My wife loves watching FOX News and keeps seeing ads for FOX NATION so I told her I’d try to subscribe to it. Here is the problem, I live in Canada and have all my life. I got my VPN pointed at a NY server and tried to get it by paying first and up until the time I put in my credit card number with my Canadian address it allowed me to get that far and they charged my card but later refunded it because FOX NATION is only in the USA. I thought about trying to get a US IPTV channel but they don’t have subscription channels like Fox Nation. Am I missing something or can I not be able to get Fox Nation anywhere.

I have that on a couple of my playlists. There is a Free m3u that has is it in its program listing. There is a couple of Free apps for that will play segments of that in their apps. One app has the actual program but it is extra in their paid version. The free version just has program segments.

I have both, the Free Apps and an M3U and they both carry that program. I like using the m3u better, though.

I see what you’re saying but where do I find that M3U you mention??? I am a subscriber of PlayersKlub and I had Tivimate on there but don’t anymore since it seems to want Tivimate Companion added to it and for some reason I can’t load it on my Firestick 4K Max. I have lots of memory on that Firestick but seems to be a problem loading both TiviMate and Companion. I’ll keep looking but I don’t see any other posts about this problem.
Thanks again

I’ll send it to you in a PM.

Just sent, So, check your messages.

Btw, the Tivimate Companion App should be installed on your phone or tablet. It really is not meant to be installed on your streaming devices.


I try to always use paypal linked to my credit card. I dont think any payment shows how you are paying, just shows paypal as the payment option. Do you have paypal in Canada?

I tried putting your link in but won’t even take my server. TiviMate won’t load anything. It keeps coming up with server error and it is telling me to install TiviMate Companion.
Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but keep getting errors no matter how many different ways I put in the server information.
Is there another IPTV Player like TiviMate less complicated? Getting more frustrated and with that I still haven’t seen any IPTV that carries Fox Nation.
I have a Paypal account but Fox Nation has to be subbed with a credit card so doesn’t work for me

How many devices have you installed TiViMate on? Install the companion app on your droid phone and then check. If more than the 5 allowed perhaps remove a few.

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In the meantime, while you are sorting out your Tivimate issues. You can download the FREE Roku and Plex apps from the Google Play Store. These two apps will carry limited programming for Fox Nation. It can be found included in the programming in the Fox Weather Channel.

Btw, if you are trying to install Tivimate on a FS. Then use the Amazon App Store to download it.

Also, you might try turning off your vpn while you are trying to install the m3u. Then after hopefully installs turn your vpn back on.

I only have one device installed. TiviMate is working now but there is no Fox NATION on here anywhere and because I live in Canada won’t let me subscribe. My Paypal account works fine here but Fox Nation only allows credit cards and you can’t be a subscriber living in Canada

Fox nation is the app. So you can’t install an app in TiViMate, just playlists and EPG’s. So you will need to search for the Fox channels.

I finally got TiviMate installed and working but there is ZERO FOX NATION on there anywhere. I downloaded the PLEX channel and NO Fox Nation there unless I’m missing something. The link you gave me earlier keeps saying error in URL and can’t be processed. All I tried to do is get Fox Nation on somewhere for my wife. I don’t know if there are other APK’s out there that have Fox Nation on but sure would like to find one. In my subscription with PlayersKlub there over 7800 channels available but none have Fox Nation available, Maybe Troy can come up with something that works :slight_smile:

I don’t see any app anywhere saying Fox Nation other than one right on the Firestick options and again I tried it and won’t let me join because of being in Canada

Since Fox Nation came out, I’ve never seen it in any iptv service or VOD series/movies etc…and I have been looking. Should I ever find anything other than the pay app…I’ll definitely give you a head’s up. I’m below ya in the lower 48 :cowboy_hat_face:

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In the Plex m3u and app the Fox Nation episodes will be shown in the Fox Weather Channel. It is NOT Fox Nation. It is only a few Fox Nation program segments. However, I just now checked the m3u playlist and the app and the Roku app and did not see any Fox Nation programs. Maybe it is reruns for weekends or used as fillers…dunno, but I swear they were there, really. lol

You can still get Fox Nation by subscribing to the Roku Premium or just getb the Fox Nation app.

Fox Nation: Start Your Free Trial | Shows, Documentaries, & Specials (

Btw, I did just now post a request in one of the iptv forums asking if anyone knows of an iptv service that has it. If i hear anything I will pm you.

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I have a friend who cancelled fox nation saying it isnt wrth it, His wife bought it to watch the series Chosen only to find that series free on the TBN app which is free. And as stated earlier foxnation is a stand alone app and not found on any iptv list ive ever seen.


I totally agree. I wouldn’t pay for a sub even if I thought it was a good, but that is all a personal choice. I did ask one of my providers and this was his response: “Fox nation is a service of its own bro like Netflix and them kind of thing Can possibly find stuff that’s on it if requested to me I can always take a look.”

I doubt if any provider has it. It is fairly new and I bet streams, links are hard to come by.

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Yep and foxnation is not live programming with shows re-run from the previous day from fox news and then special currated shows for …sorta vod like or catchup like and most of todays providers shy from that.


Plex and Roku do have Fox Now, but I have no clue what that is.

another thing altogether :crazy_face:

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