Matrix 19 on Android phone

I cannot get Matrix 19 to load on my Android phone (Android 12)

Skip kodi on a mobile and use stremio instead. Thats better suited for mobile and has an android version. Or syncler

I have it on my phone Android 12, mainly for sports it works perfectly with a vpn. I have Sport HD Rising tides and Asgard.

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I have 19.4 on my android 12 phone and it works great. Try loading 19.4 and I think you will be happy with kodi on your phone. There are alot of good movie/series and sports addon’s that dont disappoint.

Thank you, I changed the version of Kodi and got it to work just fine.

Thanks for the help. I finally got it working


Finally got it to work by changing the version of Kodi download. Thank you.


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