Masked credit cards

curious about abine blur, or alternative masked credit cards. sounds like a good service
but you wind up giving all your info to abine blur. is this safe?

Hello @questions in my opinion, the main thing you want to do is provide a middle-man between you and the service you are purchasing from. Never give them your real credit card, address, etc. Abine is a legit company and I’ve been using it for a long time.

My main question about using Privacy and Blur, is what types of transactions they allow and what ones they block. IPTV services would be an awesome use for these services, but I know you mentioned Privacy seems more aggressive in catching those at the point of sale.

Abine has worked in the past for IPTV, they just don’t process anything outside of the United States.

10-4…I feel like it would be difficult to know where these services are processing their cards. Even some of the more well-known ones seem like it could be outside the US. I wonder what Privacy’s policy on them is. You mentioned before you tried and it got flagged as a potential fraudulent transaction.


Based on your recommendations and awesome videos, I decided I’m going to bite the bullet and dive into the world of crypto lol. I still dont fully understand it, but gosh darn it I’m sure going to try. :face_with_monocle: