Malwarebytes fix issue?

Hi All. I’ve downloaded malwarebytes I’ve run the scan which reports no issues found. A few minutes later a pop up from malwarebytes states critical issue found. When I select fix issue nothing happens. Can someone advise please

On a PC or streaming device?

Good point. Android mobile phone

This is frequently just an ad for their paid service.

I have used it for years on my PC phone and streaming device and I got that also. Most of the time one of it’s function’s is not turned on or needs to be updated or both.

I have it on my phone, ran it 3 times today, I have phone/internet/VPN issues and trying to isolate the cause. No problems on my Samsung s21+

I opened settings and checked the boxes for
Enable diagnostic mode and enable data mode.
All seems to be good :white_check_mark:
Thanks everyone for your assistance

For the record the malwarebytes pop up message critical issue found without advice on how to deal with it did just appear again. I’ll accept the advice it’s an advertising message. Thanks Again

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