Magic Dragon won't install

Hi, Thanks on advance. Everytime I try to install the Magic Dragon, I get a pop up that says, “No network can be found.”

I’m lost. Any ideas?

Thanks, April

Can you give us some more information? What version of Kodi are you using? VPN? etc etc etc

Hi, thanks! Using Fire TV, IPVanish. Kodi 20.2
I have successfully installed Real-Debrid on Kodi. I have tried twice to install magic Dragon, but when I attempt to configure, it says “No network found.”

Maybe Magic Dragon is an add-on not yet compatible with Kodi 20. Why don’t you try to install Troy’s Kodi 19 for and see if it will install on that?

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I tried installing on Kodi 20 from EzzerMacs repository and it worked fine. Maybe try installing from a different repo than the one you were using? This is the one I used:


Thanks for the link, but I don’t know how to use it. Can you tell me?

Sure. If you’ve ever added a repo by using the File Manager section and adding a source, it works the same. Let me see first if I can find a tutorial already made that has pictures in it here. If not, I’ll type it out for you.

This should work. It shows you how to install the EzzerMac repo, BUT you need to use the updated url I posted and not the one shown in this tutorial. It’s really easy, and you can ask questions if you get stuck anywhere. You shouldn’t have any problems though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the tutorial:


I am very grateful for the help. I will try this on my own first. Thanks! :crazy_face:

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You’re very welcome! Good luck, and have fun. :sun_with_face: :+1:

Just one more thing…I followed that link, and it took me to a page that said this: " IMPORTANT NOTE: This repo is no longer available for installation. We suggest using one of the Best Kodi Repositories to find a working replacement:"

Is that important?

Right, that’s why I told you you have to use the updated url I gave you, and not the one that is listed on the page. The one I posted is working. The one listed on that tutorial page is not working. The page just needs to be updated and hasn’t been yet.

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Hey! I did that, and it worked! Still learning, but thanks A LOT! :laughing:

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Awesome! Glad everything worked for you, excellent job! :sun_with_face: :+1:

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Thanks to you! And now I just want to start learning about the deeper levels of APK’s and associated minor programming…coding? I don’t know, but this is fascinating.
Any suggestions on where to start?
Thanks again!

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I’m happy to hear it interests you! :slightly_smiling_face: Curiosity is a good thing. The internet is a wonderland as far as learning code or anything associated with programming. You can start out by typing any basic questions you have in google of course, or if you’re really ready to get down to business there’s tons of free places to visit and/or enroll for classes or just to learn fundamentals. Here’s a list of websites that you might find useful: :point_right: 100+ Free Online Websites to Learn to Code for Beginners - Skillcrush

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Cool, I will check it out!

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