Mad Titan Sports Simple Client Setup

Mad Titan Sports includes IPTV Simple Client Setup to add TV Channels to Kodi. As a backup I attempted to load the playlist with another App/APK but URL returns errors. Is the playlist unable to be loaded elsewhere?

If you have the playlist url and it is an m3u or m3u8 format you should be able to load it in any player. I use TiViMate so I’m not sure what the url is or how it’s handled in Mad Titan. I use Mad Titan but never tried the Simple client setup.

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I have the playlist URL and EPG URL. Taken from the automatic setup within Mad Titan that configures IPTV Simple Client with Kodi. Adding them to any other player etc, no joy!?

Can you PM me the url please. I’ll have a look at it tx.

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I added it to my TiViMate and it loads with over 1200 channels. The epg does not load.

And the channels are streaming? Working fine?

No. the list is returning a data source exception which is usually a provider issue.

All good via the PVR IPTV Simple Client, so Im fine with that. Just thought it would be handy to have that playlist option available elsewhere as a back up. Cheers Miki :+1:


Its a strange one, because although it sets up within Simple Client like any other playlist, with active EPG, the channel doesnt open directly when you select a channel. Instead you get a selection of available links to choose from.

Requires the Kodi addon called Jetproxy to play.


I see! I was aware JetProxy is required during instal via Kodi. Just didn’t have a clue why the URL playlist didn’t work elsewhere. Thanks for the info :+1: