Mad titan sports not working

since last Monday mad titans sports live tv has not worked. I’ve deleted and re installed and still get an error when trying to click on any station. anyone having this issue and/or know a solution?

@scrooged1 Yeah…I think they are working on their site…time will tell…try the CAT search… I was able to bring up some channels that way.

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ok thx I will give that a shot when i get home. I seen they added a bunch of new categories under the live tv section category, but haven’t even checked them out. thx for responding

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Yeah, it’s a mess right now. Their iptv live SL channels, my go to, aren’t working at. All of the other stuff is limping along. An update just came in but doesn’t seem to have fixed anything.
It’s gone from great to near worthless. But I faith.

agreed, it’s definitely my main goto as well. hopefully they’re just trying to iron out all the bugs from all the new categories they’ve added over the last few weeks and it will run as smoothly as it did here soon🤞.

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Free stuff including iptv comes and goes. Be patient, it will come up.

I’ve been a KODI user going on close to 5 Years now. IMO Can’t beat it for Movies and TV shows. Coupled with Real Debrid and Trakt TV it’s all I need for Movies and Shows. Having said that I just recently jumped on the IPTV Train. I know we can’t talk about that stuff here but find a good low cost paid provider because if you only mostly use it for sports Programming IPTV hands down can’t be matched.

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yea real debrid is worth every penny. I use it with seren and the crew for all my movie and replay TV show needs and am very happy.

I know very little about iptv, but have been reading and hearing about it ever since I started using kodi a few years back and have been considering it for along time. that’s probably my next move if titan crumbles.

Yeah there’s a few good IPTV Services and the prices are great for what you get even if you use it for just for the Sports Channels. Hundreds of sports Channels and since you are paying it’s maintained unlike in KODI. The IPTV channels you are getting through KODI are just a fraction of what is out there. Don’t want to hog up this thread too much but I would suggest reading some of the IPTV posts. Lot of people over there will help you out too. While my KODI knowledge is fairly good I’m just an IPTV Newb

thx, i’ll definitely check out the thread. honestly i usually just read about the iptv through troypoint weekly updates, but have yet to really do some digging on it though because I’ve just pretty much settled for titan for live tv. thx for taking the time responding and offering the help.

I never pay for any IPTV service. I use totally free stuff in my TiViMate. I’ve been watching the Olympics since the opening ceremony. I have literally over 100,000 TV Channels and have spent many hours removing things that are of no use to me, like childrens programming or religious programs. Troy’s main site and this one have lots of links to free playlists. It’s a fun hobby, but beware, it can be addictive.

thx for the recommendation. I’ve heard that name before, but know nothing about it. i will definitely do some digging on that as well thx for your reply👍

Wanna know something crazy, the live tv SL channels have only been working at night perfectly too like around 1am every night I check to see if they work and they work perfectly it’s crazy I can only watch them at night lol it sucks cus it’s also my go to for cable hope they fix it asap man

Bro I’ve been going crazy as well it’s my favorite add on and the only one I use everyday but this past week the channels only work at night time like around 1am I check every night and they work perfectly then during the day time they stop working I hope they fix this problem soon

yea that’s crazy. I can’t get them to work at all. tried again this morning and nothing yet. hopefully they get it all figured out. it did update though when I turned it on so I guess it’s a good sign that they’re attempting to get it fixed.

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In live tv I can access channels in the ustv list.

Can you recommend something else that is completely free that tivimate cost money I’m looking for other options that will work but free ?? iptv??

TiViMate is just $25 for a lifetime subscription. But the Silk Browser and Ola TV are free as is Kodi.

Just tried live tv in Mad Titan, seems to be working ok , uk, us, etc. but nothing in cat searches in any country.

Asgard is working perfectly ok.

Tx for the info. Much appreciated