Mad Titan Sports Error

Anyone having issues with Mad Titan Sports IPTV Client? All morning I’ve been getting kicked out

You know what they say with free based kodi addons…


I say. If you can got to all the bother of putting an add-on out there, might as well maintain it effectively :sunglasses:

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You get what you pay for :eyes:
In the world of KODI it’s always best to have back up addons. Never expect addons to work forever. Most of us just use a paid IPTV service . Kodi free IPTV service makes a nice backup as does USTVGO etc. Good luck

I’m a longterm KODI advocate and user. For VOD (TV Shows and Movies) KODI and RD is all I use but If you are counting on finding reliable Live Sports on KODI addons I can tell you that you are going to be hard pressed. As others have said look to a paid IPTV service for Live Sports

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Been flawless since the day I’ve started using it. I appreciate all add-ons have off days, so just asking if anyone was aware of this specific error. I find most of the Kodi Sports add-ons great. Always times when you may have to spend 10mins messing around to find a decent link but we can live with that. In over a yr I think I’ve missed two games that I wanted to watch, so not complaining :sunglasses:

IPTV "paid’ services offering the sports channels I watch are not legit, and many have dodgy reputations, so I’ll stick with the Kodi add-ons.

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In the world of Cord Cutting always best to have backup plans for every single app, situation, etc. Kodi you should have several dozen plans lol. If you get too comfortable with one way of doing things, you could wake up and something has been shut down, or stopped working. I’ve been obsessed with this idea since I started. If my Plan A goes out, then what…?

As I said to @PiratePete , I’ve been happy with Kodi add-ons that I use for Sports and only questioned this error and asked if anyone else was having the same issue.

Between Rising Tides, The Loop and Sport HD I watched almost every football game I want to since the new season started. No complaints from me about Kodi sports add-ons.

Stremio is my go-to for movies and TV series. It’s exceptional and never lets me down. :grin::grin:

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Totally understood. Just saying that you can’t rely on only 1 Kodi addon whether it’s for sports , live tv or movies . Sounds like you’re good to go as you have a variety of the popular sports apps . Happy streaming

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Agree. I only use KODI for VOD and never expect an addon to provide service long term. Esp the ones streaming live content. The people that own these addons get warnings all the time about live tv. It’s been happening a lot with Crew IPTV . If they ignore the warning they will end up in court .

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Spot on! Not sure if you remember but about at least 2 years ago the IPTV section of the Crew had about 200 working Live channels (Sports, Movies, shows, News, etc…). All worked flawlessly for about a year then 1 Day just stopped working. The Dev received a notice to immediately stop. from that day on I realized that if I wanted a consistent source for Live sports/News it wasn’t going to be from a KODI Addon


Yesterday I was watching ncaa football thru my paid iptv provider and was getting a lot of buffering. I switched to Mad Titan and never had a bit of trouble for around 6 hours of sports.Maybe time to find a new provider.?

Funny how that happens when everyone wants to watch the same game, buffering. Then you go thru your browser or Kodi. ?

There are times when you’ll experience buffering even with a verified provider.

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