M3U playlist player for Roku

I read and downloaded a tutorial about installing IPSmarters on the Roku and got it installed but this version of IPSmarters will not log in and I suspect it’s because there is no option to select Xtream Codes. Is there a workaround for this or can someone update the app so that it uses Xcodes? Also, is there another M3U playlist player available for the Roku?

Im having the same problem bro. I wish i knew too

Can you install Tivimate on a Roku?

Did you follow the Troypoint guide? The screen shot looks like it’s Xtream codes. The username, password, and url are all separate according to this. With a regular m3u url the username and password would be embedded.

Not by searching for it. No idea if you could side load it like this guide below.

From what I briefly read was that apparently you can get Smarters Pro app on a Roku, but I really didn’t see any info about Tivimate. I don’t know hardly anything about Roku. Nota fan of the device. I was asking if it was possible to install Tivimate, because you can put multiple URL’s on a Tivimate. IDK if you can put multiple URl’s on Smarters, or not. If you can then that solves the question. I know some of those stand alone players put out by the providers can switch accounts, but that wouldn’t solve the issue.

I did gloss over something about casting Tivimate for live TV? Don’t know much about Smarters and even less about Rokus’s. Imho, Roku’s are the Apple of streaming devices, decent, but limited, and not many know how to use them. lol

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I wonder if you can follow the same steps and use the same code but then upload the Tivimate APK instead of Smarters. I’ve got a Roku TV but I use my shield. Might play around with this tomorrow to see how it identifies the package when you transfer it from the computer to the Roku.

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Looks like you are out of luck my friends. The .zip file contains a bunch of plain text files that enable you to use the application once it’s added to your channel. There is no way to sideload an APK. And to make things worse, IPTV Smarters has been taken down by Roku. Looks like you’ll need to bite the bullet and get a different streaming device.


Never really cared much for those Roku devices, and this is another reason why! I only had one buddy who uses the Roku and I remember it was a pain in the butt getting stuff loaded.

The Roku, imho, are like the the old Betamax vs VHS. Betamax claimed to be superior, but eventually lost out to VHS. Same with Roku. Their claims don’t seem to matchup with public opinion. I am sure they will have niche market, but they will be cast to the curb by Amazon’s deep pockets and advertising.

I have always been the Marantz kinda electronic buyer. So it was a no brainer for me to get onboard with Nvidia.

Well, as big as Amazon is, they will also lose a lot of business with fire devices if they push updates that disable certain streaming apps like this. However there are far more users that just download Netflix and Disney+ that won’t know the difference. But for other companies like Nvidia or MeCool they might see a boost in sales if they refrain from blocking apps.

Imho, I believe that is why all these “smart” tv’s are loading up with apps. Companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc…, pay to have their apps factory installed on their TV’s. It’s a win-win for both companies, The TV maker wins by getting paid to promote Netflix. Netflix wins by being promoted and gaining more customers. I hated to see Nvidia fall into that bs by placing a Netflix button on their remotes. I fixed that though, I remapped that button to do a different function. Such as turn on my IPTV service! . I even went so far as to make a sticker showing my provider’s logo and placed that over the Netflix logo on the remote. LOL

I use button mapper as well but still forget to use that button haha. IPVanish launches and connects to last server after a device restart. Then IPVanish launches Tivimate. The Netflix button is supposed to launch Kodi, but it only takes a click of the home button and moving one icon to the right to open it the traditional way. I might re-map that button to launch my app killer instead.

I just remapped the button, because I don’t like Netflix and didn’t want anything to do with them.

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