Luxray Build AddOns

I have a Real-Debrid account and added my account information to all the video add ONS. Some of them still indicate that there is an account error or have trouble loading. I’ve only been able to use 2 of the add ons that don’t say that…
Am I setting it up wrong?

Would you please be more specific. What program and addons are you using. What is the error message?

I’m sorry, just now saw you specified you are using a build. Are the errors from Realdebrid? I personally don’t like buids. Too much happening in the background and they are large.

It’s on my Windows 10 PC Kodi 19 Matrix. venom, The Oath, The Crew error message- No Debrid Account Setup-Account Required. Asgard, Hal 9000 logging error check log and Normal Shadow inline error 4353.

What would you suggest instead?

Hi @Bonham7189
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Try uninstalling everything. Then only install the add-on the Crew pair it with your real-debrid account and let see if wet can get you going.
Come back here and update us.

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