Low memory on Amazon Fire TV 2

I cannot update any apps that are on the sd card because of insufficient internal memory. The only programs left on internal memory are Amazon Fire programs(Photos , Music etc) that cannot be moved to sd card. How do I fix this low memory problem ???

Hi Dan, not too sure but I noticed that my Fire Stick was running really slow with long lags between my issuing a command and the display responding appropriately. I checked the space remaining and noticed it was low. I then went to settings, then applications, then managed installed apps. I started with the first app and went one by one through all of them and clicked on clear cache and it helped some but there is still some lapse between the command and the action. It appears that I need to clear the cache on every app at least once every couple of days. Hope this is helpful.

I’m with 'ya, on that. I have the same issues with my Fire TV. Seems as if, no matter what you do, you’re always running out of storage. Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall the Amazon apps, which take up more space than I’d like. I usually do a factory reset, when I can’t seem to find any space to free up and am getting frustrated. After that I try to keep an eye on the apps I install, keep their number to a minimum, and notice whether or not they download anything onto my box. Sometimes apks are saved, which can be deleted, and other downloads which include media, can be storage hogs. It comes down to search and destroy. Anything you can store on an external drive, do it!

Thanks … I may try the factory reset route. It’s strange I’m having trouble on Fire TV 2 , but not on my Fire TV 1 on another set.

Has anyone experienced lags on the Fire TV Cube? I have plenty of memory left, but occasionally have a terrible lag problem.

Are you using IPVanish or some other VPN service provider? I’ve experienced slowdowns on my Cube (and my other Fire TV devices) if IPVanish isn’t connected. Once I make the connection and use a VPN, the problem is usually solved.

If that doesn’t do it, I’ll go for a reboot of the Cube (disconnect the power cord for about a minute and then reconnect). I rarely have to resort to this step, but when I do, it seems to do the trick!

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Using IP Vanish, but I do not.get this “extended” lag/response on my 3 other devices which are Fire Sticks. Also rebooted many times in the past when it got really bad, only happens on the Cube.

Thanks for this question and also for the information.

@dan.dunn1 welcome to the forum. Your error message mentioned “internal” storage The SD card is external storage. You are so jam packed that you are stuck and can’t do anything. My first answer is always. Reset your device and reinstall. When I used the Firestick I reset it every few months. Keep a basic backup of your apps and use the Troypoint App to make reinstalling faster.
You and others having a problem should listen to @MaverickCoast as his post echoes what my approach is, plus he’s usually right!

Thanks , I’m going to try the factory reset .

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Now in the future, try to be careful how much you put on it. You have limited resources to begin with. You as a Firestick user don’t have the freedom to load everything that Troypoint publishes. Pick and chose a few things you like and that will keep the size down. For Utilities, you will need ES File Explorer (or another file manager like Filezilla), The troypoint App, Downloader (Now owned by Troypoint) and in Kodi a maintenance sdd-on like One Nation Portal. Then a light buld in Kodi and a IPYV app and backup and one or two stand alone APKs. That should do it. I used to use two Firesticks with different builds and APKs. Then I upgraded to Fire TV box. Have fun and check back if you get stuck starting over again.

One of the ways I avoid it is using Emby and connecting the Fire to that. I have a few things installed on the stick, but I can keep it down using an external server (that doubles as a desktop, which can be a little bit of a problem sometimes). I know not everybody can or wants to do that. But it’s one more option.

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Amazon devices are great for streaming, not so great for storage. I agree, don’t worry about packing your fire tvs with apks which pretty much all do the same thing. Especially if you have access to the troypoint rapid app installer. I maintain 5 streaming apps, ipvanish, 2 iptv services, and a kodi installation on my fire tv3 along with a few utilities and have plenty of extra memory. Delete apks as you install new apps and/or updates. Life is good in the cordcuttting world…

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“Amazon devices are great for streaming, not so great for storage.”

You’re right on the money, there! Totally frustrated with the way Fire TV handles storage!!! If they could put together a box, with the storage capabilities of the Shield TV, and the streaming capabilities of the Fire TV, we’d probably have a pretty close to, flawless box!!! I’ve always thought of the Shield TV as being the superior streaming box, BUT, my Fire TV box gives me more reliable streaming, when using IPTV! Can’t figure out why the Shield TV stops streaming after a short time.

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Great advice. Thanks for joining the community!

Life is very good! Thanks for your great advice. I always look forward to them,

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Try this, it seems to work very well for me at least. Download “ES File Explorer” scrool down to tools and click on it to expand it. Now go down to cleaner, scrool over to the green Clean Now and you are all done. Kinda slow the first time doing it then it’s a breeze. I saw it on YouTube. Works like a charm.

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Thanks I just did it and it cleaned it fast.