Lost my Google TV chromecast Remote

I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually, but any recommendations on a substitute or future permanent option for the remote? I couldn’t find an app to control device… anything out there on market (Amazon) that is compatible? Preferably Bluetooth and has a mouse pad as well as keyboard? May as well go big if I’m buying a replacement control for google TV chromecast… any suggestions I appreciate:)

Android tv remote app.
Turns your phone into a remote.

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@Miki I just dl android app, but it only recognizes my Nvidia Shield. What am I missing?

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Sorry you lost me. If you installed it on your phone I believe it scans for devices on your network and you choose the one you want. I think it uses adb to connect to the device so you need to turn on adb debugging in your developer options. I don’t use chromecast so you’d have to do some search on line.

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When I opened android remote tv app, it auto scanned and only found my shield, and didn’t pick up google device…so I’ll play with the settings. Thanks for the input

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