Lost audio on nvidia shield pro

past 2 days when I turn it on there is no audio== I reboot and everything is fine. I have been using for 14 months with no issue. What may be causing for past 2 days? Fix?


Try making sure all your cables are connected with no broken pins try a different hdmi cable. Switch them out if needed.


sorry but Im not sure what you mean

I suspect @TP-Dracoo was working fast lol. So I think it’s check your cables and make sure you have no broken ends.

I had the problem for 4 or 5 days and no idea what to do so I rebooted every morning.
2 days ago the problem disappeared. I HOPE IT’S OVER

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taught it was over, it’s not. this morning same crap, no audio until I reboot.
4 days with this problem , 2 days with audio, today no audio.
I did nothing. everthing else works fine, after the morning reboot it works fine even if I put it in the sleep mode for 41/2 hours. What’s happening some nights between 10 PM & 4 AM?

What version are running and have you done any hotfixes? Check your sound settings. If this issues persists, if I were you, I would look in the nVidia forums for more details. If you get nowhere with that. Then contact nVidia’s customer service.

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