Lost ability in the crew to watch sports and other shows

Hello, a few days ago I was able to watch any MLB game that I wanted but now none of them seem to load while in the crew and then under sports then MLB. I’ve tried multiple links, I either get an error or nothing happens. This is the error:

It’s starting to happen under other tabs as well like live TV. I’ve actually reinstalled the crew and then I also ended up removing Kodi and starting over with Kodi and the crew. I have tried it with and without IP vanish running. I’ve tried in both my fire tablet and fire stick.

I am stuck, I googled it and went in to the log files but I don’t see anything obvious and frankly it’s pretty Greek to me.

Anybody? Thanks!!


Tv in the crew is spotty at best when it works. Get yourself a iptv service and you can watch any game you want. Not a big priority for them to maintain. Also you can get sports through your browser.

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Welcome to the community. As a newer user please use the search as this is a common issue/problem.