Loosing Wi-Fi on FS 4K

Hi folks, I have a perplexing issue, my FS will run for 3 to 4 hours and then the wi-fi slows to a crawl (80 meg to 1 meg), restart the FS and the speed goes back up. I have changed HDMI ports, I have an extension cable keeping the device away from the heat of the TV, I have done a factory reset, doesn’t affect any other connections in the house, so it’s not the router. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I would really look into all possibilities. It may not be the stick.

Test all hardwired and wifi connections. Test the router and the isp suppiled modem. Process of elimination.

Hey @gregvx When you say “doesn’t affect any other connections in the house”…are any other connections streaming devices…or are they other devices like computers/cell phones/tablets etc…?

One suggestion I have is to be sure this isn’t some left over “artifact” from some poor programming or app. It’s been my experience that unplugging everything as well as completely removing all power from any device like modems, routers, TV, and streaming device, wait for 3 to 5 minutes and then plug it all back in starting with your modem, then your TV and then your streaming device. This may clear any “stuck” IO operations and “refresh” the settings. See if that does it for you and please let us know.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Thanks, for the ideas. I actually got a hold an older FS, I installed it in the same port as the FS 4K max, it has worked flawlessly now for 24 hours, so it does appear to be the stick.

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Well done @gregvx Now, did you hookup the older firestick with its original power & hdmi extension or did you use the 4K max cables? If the 4K max cables…then it definitely sounds like you’ve narrowed it down to that stick as the culprit…if you’re using the old firestick’s cables…then swap em out to verify for sure it’s the stick & it wasn’t a bad power/hdmi extension cable. Hope that makes sense…we had a poster yesterday that had a bad hdmi extension…swapped it out & all was fine…so they can go bad too. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Yes, kept everything the same except the stick.

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