Looking to find out about fire stick

Hi just here to find out what I can about fire stick

You came to the right place!

Straight, simple, and informative.

Be sure to check out all the video tutorials available (there are a lot) and follow the forums.

There are so many helpful, crazy smart people here, Troypoint really is a gem.

Browse the site and check out the FireStick videos, ask questions in the forums (don’t be shy, just try to post clear, concise questions so you get the answers you’re looking for).

Patrons get more access as well and honestly $15 for a lifetime membership that’ll save you hours of frustration looking for answers. Something to consider.

It’s really too bad more sites/groups don’t offer this kind of support but it only serves to make Troypoint membership that much more useful and desirable.



I will be signing up to become a patreon $15 for life is a bargain


Micro Tutorial:

get firestick
get Troypoint Rapid
get Tivimate
get good iptv service…

have so much TV youll do back-flips


Thank I have signed up for that I have troypoint rapid app installer I am not sure about iptv


To be honest with you iptv isn’t the best of you are just going to watch your movies and shows.

If you love live tv and want to no be overpaid and watch all countries get it. If you want access to shows and movies set up tv show and movie vod setup on your fire stick.

Tons of guides. Infact for what you pay in iptv can get a ultimate firestick vod setup.

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Yeah I’m not really into all that live stuff I’m quite happy with kodi and cinema for now

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Yes most are. @Wardylfc20

Kodi + seren + venom + real debrid is fantastic
Cinemahd + real debrid is great.

Or you can do syncler plus (4 bucks a month) plus real debrid (6 bucks a month) and have a add free ultimate access vod setup.


I am going to look into that real-debrid I don’t seem to be having any problems now watching anything I don’t get any ads or Nothing now

You want to get your feet wet with live tv? Get Ola Tv. You also need Ludio player and Kshaw. The 3 go together. Once installed and your vpn on, click in a server like T36 and a bunch of icons will show. Give it a minute or so to load and then click “all” and once that loads click any channel you want to start viewing. You can click the magnifying glass (search) and type in say " History" and all your live history channels show. I choose U.S. History. Now there is more to it but for now that will get you up and running then as you have more questions, don’t be shy, just ask. I can guess your next issue lol “source error”

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