Looking to buy a ASUS router....asking for help

Just moved.
Had comcast modem/router. IPv6 was killing the experience.
Got Arris modem from Amazon.
Comcast speed 300 down/20up.
I want a router that has NAS (not server), DD-WRT would be nice, VPN abled by default and USB 3.* (.0 or .1).
Using a GLi300ARM now and it is fine but a bit slow.
Trying not to spend a ton of $.
Want ASUS because I want to try Merlin firmware.

Would ANYONE here consider buying AMAZON RENEWED?
I am have a tuff time finding ASUS renewed/recert FROM ASUS.

Any ideas?
thanks to all in advance.

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lotsa contradictions here.

A NAS is a server

Cant have both ddwrt and merlin. Merlin is a 3rd party firmware that runs on asus.


Are you trying to record to storage?

Yes. I do want to use the router USB as storage.

I was not thinking. I am so wiped out from searching on Amazon/Alibaba/Walmart/NewEgg…I guess I need someone to guide me down the right path.

If yourcurrent router has a usb chances are it might allow storage. Look within the router web portal. Most asus routers allow for samba file storage/sharing on the LAN.

I have the Asus GT-AX11000. Its good as a router with wifi 6. Supports Merlin but not DD-WRT. It has USB storage too. The issue with this one is if you breath on the antennas they break. It was a little on the expensive side to have that kind of problem. I wouldn’t get it unless you found it at a good price.

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Current router is a GL300M.
It is a Travel Router and supports storage.
I want something newer. Range is not an issue.
Thanks for the help so far.
Moving to a new city is taking a toll on me.
If you have any thoughts on Amazon renewed or Used sold by the ASUS store…your input is HUGELY appreciated.

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all asus renewed come with a warranty. Just make sure whichever version you decide on merlin supports it.

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I saw the Merlin site.
I liked the additional options.
I am going to try to decide on a lower end on still supported but may opt for one has an old version of Merlin.
Too many darn things to do this month and in the weeks to come.
Thanks TxRon

I am checking it now. When I set up this new home (I moved) I think the router will be wall mounted so no prob with antennas.
Thanks for the help.
btw…I like your avatar. It reminds me of a local business logo.

Lol. The logo is because I am a huge Seinfeld fan.

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Amazon.com. Or on the same page they showed a renewed Ax 3000 for $88

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I got the RT-AX3000.
It has NAS/USB 3.1 and is currently supported by Merlin.
I just needed to settle down and pull the buying decision trigger.

Thank you to EVERYONE that pushed me along.

Thanks Mike N.
I needed to get off the fence and make a decsion. The videos helped a bunch,

That’s awesome! Let us know how you get on.

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Side note - on your network, you don’t need everything to route through a VPN.
You may need to look at connecting 2 routers together and use one for VPN use

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Asus has vpn fusion or Director on merlin and you can route through vpn or bypass. My router has 5 opvn locations and 5 wireguard locations and I route as needed.

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I am looking forward to Thursday when the Amazon truck drops it off.
I bought it new condition just for piece of mind.

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