Looking for the Ideal Home hardware SETUP - let's hear it!

OK, tired of living in Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Family is making the move to Tennessee! I’ve had Comcast in Illinois and my only 2 choices in the area we will be living in TN is Comcast and AT&T. My daughter has AT&T in Spring Hill, TN and they’re already having issues. I’ve heard that from an internet standpoint, Comcast is still the best in the area, but I’m open to other suggestions.

But my main question is that I’d like to start fresh down there. Once I get my internet service (don’t want to rent equipment from Comcast), then I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions on favorite modem, favorite router, and possibly even favorite mesh system for best connections. It’s a 2 story house (no basement), and I’m kind of leaning toward a 3 piece mesh system since I want the best wifi for the family room TV and then the media room upstairs.

Fire away! Hopefully Troy and team will even chip in with some ideas. THANKS in advance!


Like you, I have a 2 story house with no basement. I currently have a highly rated Arris modum that meets my local internet provider’s specs which I purchased. I also bought and set up a Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 tri-band wireless router that works flawlessly throughout the house. Keep the router 4 feet or more off the floor on the main level and you shouldn’t have signal problems. I’d recommend a tv box with an external antenna for the best reception. I have found both Magicsee and Ugoos to be among the best performing Android devices for streaming as they work great while connected to Express VPN, which allows up 5 simultaneous connections. I’ve had my current setup for almost 4 years and am very pleased with the performance.

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Thanks sim_bill - as always, you provide great advice. Sounds good.

Just went through this last October so here are my 2c:

  • Determine the location of your TV’s and have ethernet cables pulled for each location. Makes a world of difference to your streaming experience (you will need straming devices that can be hard wired - i.e. Nvidia Shields)
  • Mesh routing use Eero we have 1G at our home and the Eero 3 “puck” system works like a charm. They are expensive but you get what you pay for (IMO). By using the Eero I continue to use Comcast’s router aa this way I dont get the “I am sorry we cannot help you as it isn’t our equipment” and the Eero covers the Comcast warts. It is also great with 2 kids in the house (no complaints)

Hope this helps

I would stay away from mesh routers if possible and either go with a strong signal 3 band wi-if router or hard wire LAN connection in conjunction with a good, secure VPN service. I simply do not trust google, Amazon, Apple, etc. devices to not have access to my data.