Looking for info about "thetvapp"

Anyone have any info on this app? I understand it works really well. I was told that troypoint sent out a notification although I haven’t been able to find it.

I went to the main @TROYPOINT site and found this


If you use the search you will find the link in the results.
Lol. Good morning @Streaming429. You are fast.

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Lol. Good Morning @Miki I’m sitting here recovering, so I have nothing but time. Lol


Thanks for the info. I found it. Good luck with the recovery.

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Hoping you will be bright-eyed and bushy tailed in no time flat! Cheers to a quick and easy path to health and happiness. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: Relax and enjoy your downtime though, don’t rush the recovery!

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Works great on the Silk Browser!

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I just did a quick run through on firestick using SILK brower. I was able to scroll through the whole channel list. However, I was not able to scroll through the whole TV schedule guide .

If I remember, when I tested this out a while back, I used my mini keyboard, as then you could navigate the whole app via the touchpad.

Okay, where did you purchase your mini keypad? I just googled it and they all were China items.

I got mine from Radio Shack.
Walmart, Bestbuy and Amazon all have ones available.b

Dang, they are out of business now. I will check Best Buy the next time I’m there.


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Radio Shack is gone? Wow. In Canada they became “The Source”. Here in MX they still exist. Best Buy is about your best bet if you have a local one.

Yep, they are all over in the states. I will check amazon as well.

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Radio Shack is now called The Source. Same thing, new name.

I didn’t know that, but they are not located in an area near me.


Yes in Canada it is the source as I mentioned. Here it’s still Radio Shack. If they closed all theit US stores I didn’t hear a thing. Can you say research? They’re still open in the states. Hundreds of stores.

Sorry, I’m just like Mr. Magoo, I skipped right over your post :rofl:

I gave that thetvapp a whirl on my Win 11 laptop.

The baseball section had many games listed wrong - some, like my city’s team, though there was a listing for it starting at 2:20 PM, was another game altogether. Some teams were playing on multiple listings though it was supposed to be another game.

Oh well, it’s free & the Live TV channels section played very well - seems very much a USTVGO replacement

Yeah one time you can build a Kmart in the middle of the desert, the parking lot will be full the next morning. Not no more.

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