Looking for apk to be able to watch Sports live

Anyone know how I can watch sports game on my fire stick for free?

Hi @rusty02
Try the add-on The Crew.

Here is a tutorial

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ok, is that addon for Kodi or can I run Crew by its self? Thank you

It’s a Kodi add-on.

Thank you I’ll give it a try.

You can always use the silk browser and I have a few working links if you would like to PM me.

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not sure how to PM you on here.

Click my avatar and then the message link.

I use Mad Titan Sports (Kodi addon). I have found everything I need there.

Kodi 19.3 then I use raising tide.

I use the go to sports addon on a plain kodi with no build

Deoending what sports you want to watch, La Deportes is very good.
Find it in Unlinked etc.

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Try net tv, I’ve used it before an It’s pretty decent

I use the crew add-on too, it has all the sports networks and all the games. It’s a good source for TV shows and movies also.