Looking for a faster way to open add-on in basic kodi

I use one add-on on Kodi starting with the estuary page and have to make several selections (clicks) in getting up and running. Is there a better way or faster way to achieve this? Thanks

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If I remember correctly you can make a shortcut to the addon and have that shortcut on your Kodi home page.

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Party Mode Auto Start. Download it from the official Kodi repo. Set the addon you want as a favorite and then configure party mode to launch that favorite on startup.


Didn’t you cover that in the kodi video? Useful addon.

I just keep the Addons I use in Favorites. KODI Startup - Favorites - select Addon in Favorites


This is what I do… change skin to confluence… google how to set up

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Never thought of that Mark!
Excellent suggestion & easy to do with the Estuary skin.